Mergers & Acquisitions: HP, EDS, LogoWorks


PALO ALTO РMay 12, 2008, Hewlett-Packard  Co. (HP) is apparently in talks to buy Electronic Data Systems (EDS), founded by former Presidential Candidate, Ross Perot, who went on to found Perot Systems after being booted out of EDS by then majority owner, General Motors (GM).

What is interesting about this acquisition is that EDS is a major IT consultant and software developer of enterprise wide systems. But, that is not what is quite so interesting.  About a year ago, HP purchased LogoWorks, a leading distributed web-based graphic design service provider, which targets small businesses.

It seems obvious that HP, the company that started out building Oscillators in the 1930’s, radar-jamming devices in the 1940’s, frequency counters in the 1950’s, computers in the 1960’s, calculators in the 1970’s, laser jet printers in the 1980’s, personal computers in the 1990’s, and plasma TV’s and laptop computers in the 2000’s now seems to be poised to build websites, both large and small in the 2010’s.