Mashable gives Let Simon Decide thumbs up

REDONDO BEACH, Ca. – May 6, 2008 – Perhaps you can call it the tipping point; on Tuesday Let Simon Decide caught the attention of TechCrunch and on Wednesday Mashable squirted a little Twitter and Google juice onto the fire.

In her article, Hand Off Life’s Big Decisions to Science; Let Simon Decide, Jennifer Van Grove of Mashable – The Social Media Guide – was kind enough to review Let Simon Decide, a product of Ricardo Solar‘s Ayax Systems and one of inQbation’s recent accomplishments.

It looks like Simon is on fire right now and we’re thrilled that TechCrunch and Mashable are affirming inQbation’s tagline – Ignite your Performance.  Hats off to Ricardo Solar, we are excited about your success and wish you Godspeed in reaching your goals.