Make It Your Business to Find the Best Ethernet Pricing for Your Company

If you are starting a small business in the New Year or feel like your current company’s Internet capabilities are leaving you stuck in a web of going nowhere fast, there are options out there for you.

For the business owner who is not entirely up to speed on their Internet needs at the workplace, having the wrong connection can leave you missing out on customers, resulting in your employees feeling frustrated, and ultimately leading to more expenses and less incoming revenue.

So, how should you go about pricing and selecting the right business ethernet for your company?

Among the things to remember:

* Cost isn’t everything – Although getting the right product at the right price is important, know that when doing business ethernet pricing, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth, which also includes customer service. Consider the prices being quoted to include your customer service needs, which should mean 24/7 service, 365 days a year. If there are hidden fees or “extra” charges for services that seem too much, keep shopping;

* Seeing savings – One of the major advantages of business ethernet is the price itself. In many cases, the monthly charge can be up to 50 percent less for equal bandwith (select anywhere from 2 Mbps up to 45 Mbps) supplied through bonded T1 lines for instance. In the event your office building is lit (offers special forms of wiring and/or fiber), you can save on build-out fees. Lastly, business ethernet can also prove more reliable, meaning less hassles in trying to get your daily work done;

* Know your needs – As noted a minute ago, whether or not your office building is lit does play a factor in what you will pay for business ethernet. If “build-out” is required, the price for ethernet can be substantially higher. You also should have a feel for whether or not you are planning expansion down the road for your small business. Paying for greater ethernet services now could save you money in the future when pricing could be higher;

* Location, location – Also, where your office building is situated does play a role in what you will pay for business ethernet. The product makes great sense for those offices that are situated in dense metro areas;

* The big picture – If you are looking to improve upon a current voice/data network infrastructure or put in place a brand new one, keep in mind the benefits of business ethernet. They include the unlimited stretching over Wide Area Networks (WAN), getting cost per megabit a lower price than that of an equivalent legacy service (meaning more bandwith without raising the service costs, the ability to upgrade to a faster network when needed, and simplicity of installation.

If much of your business involves online activity to meet customer demands, the cost of having the right business ethernet in place is well worth it.

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