LinkedIn Benefits for Employers

LinkedIn has over 100 million members in over 200 countries as of March 2011 and is the leading professional networking site. It is not only useful for professionals around the world to connect to each other on a central site, but also can be used by employers as a way to benefit their business. Users on LinkedIn list their work experience and skills, among other professional attributes, and employers can use this information to benefit themselves. This article provides an insight on how employers can profit from networking opportunities available via LinkedIn.

Connections can be used to gain an introduction to someone a person wishes to know through a mutual friend

If you have a connection who knows someone who you know is an expert in a field or may be able to help your business, you can use that connection to be introduced to them. By having a mutual friend, they will be more open to speaking with you and possibly getting to know you and your business.

Connections can be used to find people and business opportunities

Every time you make a new connection, you are able to see who that connection’s connections are. You can search through those users to find people you may have worked with before or are acquainted with. This allows allows you to expand your connection base to reach more LinkedIn users. This can open up doors by others for business opportunities as the more you market yourself and are visible on LinkedIn, the more users may want to work with or for you.

Employers are able to list jobs; users can now follow companies and can get notifications about new offers available

In addition to listing jobs on job websites or company websites, list them on LinkedIn. LinkedIn already relates what users have on their profile to jobs that may fit for them by having them appear as advertisements, and also allows users to search for jobs. Users who are interested in your company can follow it and when you post new offers, they will be notified. This allows you to see who is interested in your company, and also to display information through another medium.

Employers can search for potential talent

LinkedIn is an opportunity for users to display their work information, specialties, education, and skills, so why not use this information to search for potential talent? LinkedIn is almost like receiving a resume, and even allows people to expand into what they are interested in, their specific skills, and what they are looking to find or open to.

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