A note to entrepeneurs looking to live the dream

Why do we become entrepreneurs?  What is the American dream?  For most budding entrepreneurs, we dream of becoming financially independent.  We want to create a business that runs like a well-oiled machine, so we have more time in our lives, so we can live a life by design, not a life by default.  For many small business professionals, it’s usually the opposite.  Usually, we end up working so much that we have no life, no time for our families, no time for ourselves and no time to travel.  But, for the few lucky ones, they are able to live the dream life.

On a recent business trip to Colombia South America, I met a guy at my hotel.  He was one of the happiest guys I’ve ever met.  He was care-free and having a great time.  First, I noticed his beautiful Land Rover Discovery.  It was all decked out with extra fuel cans on the roof, a tool chest on the hood, a pull-out canopy (awning) and a snorkel in case he had to traverse flooded roads.

This man (I don’t know his name) told me that he was from Paris and sailed his Land Rover across the Atlantic to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since then, he has spent the last 2 years traveling South America. He was heading in the direction of Cartagena, where he planned to take a ferry to Panama Canal and spend another couple years traveling through Central America and North America. I asked him if he’s doing it by himself and he told me he is with his wife and baby.

By the way, I highly recommend people read the following books if you are an entrepreneur or want a life by design:

  • Life by Design by Dr. Rick Brinkman
  • The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

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