Let Simon Decide unveils new look and feel

Clean, fresh, modern …

So, how long does it take before website owner’s get anxious to change the look and feel of their website?  For Ricardo Solar … not long.  But, it was a smart move.

Let Simon Decide, an online decision-making website application has taken the world by storm with a revolutionary tool to help people make some of their most important life decisions.  The new look and feel, implemented by inQbation™, features the following new attributes:

  • The new interface is cleaner, which allows the colorful calls to action work more efficiently
  • Social marketing chicklets to encourage interaction with Simon’s social marketing initiatives
  • Better web usability because the process is more intuitive and calls to action more obvious
  • Notifications, like Smart Simonite’s Decisions, encourages user activity and keeps home page fresh
  • Embedded video provides quick tutorial and infomercial that inspires potential users
  • Name-dropping media coverage, like TechCrunch, adds credibility

Congratulations to Ricardo Solar for his brilliant inspiration and the guys and gals at inQbation™ for their creative and arstistic rendering of Ricardo’s vision.