Learning Django and Python libraries

Herndon, Virginia; Summer Internship Hackathon

Day four marked a long grind on understanding the materials we need to move forward. Most teenagers don’t enjoy the concept of working and learning over the summer. Many of my peers weren’t even interested in a tech summer internships! But me – I live for this kind of work. I really enjoyed learning more about Django and python libraries focused on web application interfacing.

The toughest aspect was honestly that we spent almost the entire day working on the same tutorial for Django. It was necessary to help us understand all of the key concepts of Django, but it was difficult to continue with a monotone tutorial for such an extended period of time Рespecially because the entire product team besides Chris encountered at least one monumental roadblock problem along the way.  Of course this meant Chris could help all of us out, which was awesome, but it was hard to power through our issues.

Ultimately we all either completed the python work or almost completed it. Tomorrow we can really begin the work that will have large impacts on the product of this internship.


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