Kindle Fire Review (Sucks)

Photo appears larger than actual size

First impressions of the new Kindle Fire

  1. It’s tiny, only about 50% larger than my iPhone in its case.
  2. No USB cable.  I expected a power cable (like the iPhone, iPad, iPod) to allow me to charge directly through the USB port in my computer and also allow me to sync data between the two devices.  But, the cable that was supplied requires me to find an unused electrical outlet.
  3. I’m find it quite annoying.
  4. It’s too big for my hand to wrap on either side and type but too small to be effective for web browsing.
  5. It prematurely sent an email TWICE.
  6. It completely times out and goes dark, even when I’m in the middle of using it.  You’d think it would be smarter than that.
  7. Somebody looked over my shoulder and said, “oh, a Kindle, why does it have glare?”  The primary advantage that the Kindle had over the iPad was the anti-glare screen. Guess what … the kindle Fire is 100% glossy glare.
  8. Tried using Pandora and guess what, I can’t find the fucking volume control.  No exterior buttons like the iPhone and iPad.  No obvious or intuitive sound button within the application.
  9. Quite disappointing so far.  The more I use the Kindle Fire, the more I hate it.
  10. Trying to find somebody to give this away to.  Maybe a homeless person.

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