Kids, iPads, and Games: What you can learn

You know you are getting old when your kid teaches you how to work a game on your iPad. It is both amazing and eye-opening for me to watch how they explore and learn games.  You can learn a lot about usability and game theory simply by watching children at play.

In the top left of the photo is my 4 year old son who is still in pre-k and hasn’t quite learned to read yet.  Nevertheless, he can navigate onto YouTube, user Siri to find his favorite Thomas the Train or Star Wars Lego video, or explore a new game.

It also makes me realize how technology is simply part of a modern child’s life here in middle class America.  They grow up with it and it’s a natural part of their lives.

I’m making a point of watching my sons at play, first to oversee what they are doing and where they are going online.  But also simply to observe how they interact with the device and apps, what is easy for them at various stages of growth and maturity, what things they pick up by watching older siblings and cousins, and so forth.

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