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Choosing the right key words to optimize within your website is one of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to getting found on Google.  The problem is, we get so wrapped up in our own language that we use to describe ourselves and what we offer that we may lost touch with the words, dialect and semantics that our targeted website visitors use to describe us.

It’s one thing to use a thesaurus, but it’s quite another to conduct usability testing – where you actually watch people use search engines to find particular things – or tools designed specifically to help deliver evidence-based related keyword suggestions.

KeywordSpy is one particular tool that you may want to play with as you develop your list of keywords.  When I entered “seo analysis tools”  into KeywordSpy it delivered this information:

Keywords related to seo analysis tools

  • site optimization
  • website optimizer
  • search engine tool
  • keyword analysis
  • ranking tool
  • optimization tools
  • search engine optimizer
  • website keywords
  • improve search ranking
  • optimize website
  • search engine optimize

The tool goes on to provide the estimated search volume for each keyword phrase and the average cost per click (CPC) for that phrase if you were to pay for sponsored advertising on the search engines.  The search volume is very important.  Indeed, it’s better to be optimized for keywords that people actually seek.  After all, what’s the point in ranking first place on Google for some keyword that nobody Googles?

Choosing your keywords are crucial and it’s better to do it early in the web design process because a search engine savy web designer will bake these keywords into the URL, file names, file paths and image names throughout the website.  They will also be sure to use these keywords in the title tags, alt text and header tags.

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