Stop using SimpLESS to compile LESS files

LESS is a CSS pre-processor that allows you to extend the capabilities of the CSS language and make the code easier to maintain. LESS code can be compied with node.js, using command lines, but some people prefer using applications like SimpLESS, Crunch and WinLESS to compile the LESS code in a friendly way.

We recently found out that SimpLESS was not compiling properly the LESS code. We had the mixin below, which generates a horizontal gradient for all browsers, the values passed on the variables @color1 and @color2 were simply replaced for random values, resulting in undesired colors in IE8.

Apparently, SimpLESS hasn’t been updated since 2012, and therefore its compiler might be out of date.

Since SimpLESS allows you to watch LESS files and compile them automatically when you change them, WinLESS is probably the closest alternative you’ll have to replace SimpLESS.

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