Isomorphic JavaScript. The new paradigm.

In recent years have been created several javascript libraries to migrate all or part of the processing from server to client, in order to improve the response time of the applications. These applications are known as the single-page apps.

In practice, however, this type of applications is flawed in important fields such as SEO, performance ( Because in the first load of the page, the user sees the application blank or sppiner, which makes apparently this as somewhat slow ), and maintenance, in most cases because using 2 programming languages, one for the client or another for the server, and in some cases the applications have a lot of duplicated logic.

The isomorphic javascript tries to solve these defects and there are javascript libraries with which you can implement this paradigm. One of the best known is meteorjs, with which you can easily distribute the application logic between the client and the server, all thanks to nodejs, that use javascript on server side. This creates a new kind of design pattern called “client-server MVC “.

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