Is Your Small Business Dialing Up VoIP?

In a day and age when small business owners look to account for every cent that leaves their office, sometimes some of the biggest savings can be found by dialing-up the right Internet service.

For those not familiar with Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP), the technology allows the business owner to place and obtain calls at his or her company via data networks. Along with the financial savings that can come from such technology, businesses will find that they can speed up their workload, meaning more customer needs can be meet on a regular basis.

Looking at VoIP from a technical standpoint, it transforms sounds (a person’s voice for instance) to digital form initially, thereby making it easy to slice, dice, package and route them through a digital network. By doing so, the speed is upgraded, allowing for more calls to occur. The business owner soon discovers that they have a reduced expense when it comes to voice communications, while achieving having the ability to put new applications to use.

Like any other technology, it behooves the man or woman running a company to familiarize themselves with small business VoIP before taking the plunge.

According to an InformationWeek research survey of some 280 businesses presently using or indicating they would eventually use VoIP, 66 percent said they used or were looking to use VoIP to reduce expenses, 43 percent wanted to merge voice and data networks, while 31 percent said it offered an ease of management.

In order to determine if VoIP is a good deal for your company, consider the following and how VoIP could change the way you do things in and out of the office:

* Can lessen office communication expense, most notably when it comes to interstate and international calling;

* Allows you to make and obtains calls from a number of different devices, among which would be a dedicated phone line, your computer via a software-centered phone, and a mobile phone that has VoIP capabilities with it;

* Delivers different features to your fingertips, including chats, messages, email, faxes, video conferencing, screen sharing and more;

* Provides you with the ability to have automatic call routing based on the number and time of day, along with an interactive voice response when receiving a call;

* Allows your employees to conference while outside the office, be they on the road or working from home;

* Gives you the ability to transmit images, videos, paperwork, and other needed files to both employees and partners when conferencing with them.

Lastly, VoIP can help you grow over time, especially in cases where you need to add to your office telephone systems in order to maintain records and/or reach more customers.

If you haven’t dialed-in to VoIP just yet, perhaps 2013 will be the time that you find yourself a VoIP user and not a VoIP questioner.

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