Is WordPress Good?


I was looking for something on WordPress and this phrase came up as a suggested search. So I clicked on it and was a little shocked to see the links that came up.


I found it pretty interesting to see some negative links in there. I always just assumed most people love WordPress (since it powers over 3 million websites according to BuiltWith). As I started exploring the mostly blog posts that linked from the first search page I started to understand more that the responses weren’t for WordPress users, but for someone searching for how to build a website.

So, continuing on this search phrase, lets explore if “WordPress is good.”


Is Word Press good for first time website builders?


Maybe. But that’s like asking, “is a Ford a good choice for a first time car driver?” Can you figure out that if you put the key in the engine it will turn the car on? If you can’t make it that far – then the car wont be good for your first driver.
WordPress is similar – if I don’t have some context for how to use it, it wont work for my first website. I should probably take this a step further and use the descriptive word dynamic, for this website. Can someone create a one page blog post that is considered a website? Yes, absolutely! But chances are that isn’t what you are looking for.


Is WordPress good for managing content after a site has been set up and configured by a WordPress expert?


Y-E-S, yes! This is infact the optimal use case for WordPress and a novice website builder. If you can hire a WordPress expert to help you get your site up and running and then access the WordPress CMS to make content changes, you will be good to go!


Caution though – there aren’t a ton of constraints in the WordPress CMS – so you could make a change that impacts the way your site looks or functions.


Is WordPress good for your website?


If you found this by searching for WordPress, then the answer is probably yes. You already know that WordPress is the most trusted CMS on the planet and that while it can be frustrating to use (as is any technology!) with the right support team, it can meet and exceed all your expectations.


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