Is page rank (PR) still meaningful or valid?

They say that Google stopped using page rank (PR) about 5 years ago, way back in 2007/2008 time frame.  Who knows if they still do or not.  But, Page Rank or PR still carries some weight in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) and does have some useful and meaningful value as an indicator of domain credibility and inbound links.

At the time of this writing, inQbation has about a 6 out of 10 page rank or PR6

Google PageRank Checker

According to Alexa, inQbation ranks in the top quarter million of sites world wide with just over 200 inbound links. Given that there are about 20 million websites in existence at the moment, that puts us in about the top 1/10th of one percentile.

So, if you are looking for a website domain to buy and want to valuate or appraise the value of a domain name … or if you are looking to find a high traffic or high visibility website to advertise on or try to be a guest blogger, then you might use a PR checker tool or Alexa to determine if the website domain you are considering is worth the effort.

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