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Facebook Announces… New Facebook Pages 

Coming soon… a new facelift to Facebook Pages!  More like… Timeline is taking over Facebook Pages, too.  Not to worry, I don’t mean your personal Facebook Pages.. I’m talking about Pages on Facebook for Companies, Brands, Celebrities, etc. Like ours!

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Timeline for Facebook stirred up user emotions in the social media world (Timeline for Facebook – User Reactions), but I have a feeling that this new change for Facebook Pages will actually receive positive feedback.  Especially, since there is very little room for creativity with Facebook Pages right now.

  • On March 30, every Facebook Page will be required to use Timeline.  Just like they required it for our personal Facebook pages.

Find out more information on the Introduction of New Facebook Pages here.  Facebook has updated admin tools for managing Pages.  The social media website describes 3 important issues that New Facebook Pages will address:

  • Branding, Prioritizing & Consolidating

What are the photo dimensions for New Timeline Facebook Pages?

If you’re looking to brand your company on Facebook, this new layout should be very good news to you!  Here are the sizes & dimensions for the New Facebook Timeline (Cover Photo, Profile Photo, Featured Image Links).

  • Cover Photo: 851 pixels x 315 pixels
  • Profile Photo: 170 pixels x 170 pixels ( just make sure your image is a perfect square!)
  • Featured Image Links (new!): 111 pixels x 74 pixels

Although I know my way around Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, I’m no design expert! However, I was able to play with this branding feature… edit a few images we had on file for other promotional materials and came up with the design above. This could really be an opportunity to showcase creativity; especially with the new Featured Image Links.  These are the images (111 x 71) in the screenshot above.  If you combine Facebook API (basically, developing featured content links & functionality i.e. Welcome Pages, Blog, Video Links, etc.) with these thumbnail images, you’re page could really become a secondary website for your company (or primary if you don’t have a website yet!)

Examples of Timeline for Facebook Pages: Companies, Brands, Organizations

People Magazine – New Facebook Page

Walmart – New Facebook Page

LiveStrong – New Facebook Page

The Today Show – New Facebook Page

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