Introducing the Drupal Center of Excellence

The Drupal Center of Excellence is a Community of Practice (CoP). We focus on establishing best practices, sharing knowledge, and helping Drupal professionals advance their career. We created this Center of Excellence for a few driving reasons:

  1. After inheriting many Drupal websites built by previous developers, we observed many bad practices resulting in problems, unreliability, and extra work that we had to resolve. 
  2. After interviewing many Drupal developers who claimed to have extensive experience, we realized that we needed a better way to assess a developer’s true skills, abilities, and approach to work.
  3. After asking several prospective developers to take and pass the Acquia certifications, we realized that many didn’t know how to adequately prepare to the pass the exams the first time around. 

We plan to debut the Center of Excellence at DrupalCon in Pittsburgh on June 5, 2023. We hope to see you there. In the meantime, we have a question for you.

If you are a Drupal veteran, what advice would you ?

Do you need some help?

Let's get started. Tell us a little about yourself and your organization
and we can start a conversation about your needs and our capabilities.

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