International Facebook Statistics – Which Countries Have the Most Users?

Ever wonder which country has the most active Facebook users?  The answer is: United States with close to 156 million active users which accounts for 65% of Facebook’s entire global audience (source:

Forbes magazine recently reported that India is now Facebook Nation No.2, for country with the most active Facebook users after the US.  In a years time, India went from ranking No. 6 to moving infront of the previous No. 2 Facebook Nation, Indonesia.

Real-time rankings for countries with the most active Facebook users according to

  1. United States: 155,699,640
  2. India: 43,497,980
  3. Indonesia: 43,060,360
  4. Brazil: 37,907,400
  5. Mexico: 32,031,340
  6. Turkey: 31,247,120
  7. United Kingdom: 30,249,340
  8. Philippines: 27,593,300
  9. France: 23,599,740
  10. Germany: 22,600,660

At this rate, Facebook is projected to reach 1 billion active users by August.   “There are about 6.9 billion people currently living in the world, and Facebook is projected to capture close to 14% of that number by the end of this summer.” – Jeff Hughes, Digital Trends.  Just another impressive statistic to add to the list for Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

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