inQbation is thrilled to announce the launch of

WASHINGTON, DC – Creative web designer, inQbation™ is pleased to announce the launch of – a marketing website for communication guru’s David Booth and Deborah Shames.  Booth and Shames apply their acting, directing and producing skills to teach business professionals, sales professionals, corporate executives, attorneys, actors, radio hosts and television hosts how to improve their communication skills.

Acting coach, voice coach, speaking coach, communication guru

Appearing regularly on television and film, David has guest starred on series such as The Practice, Judging Amy, Gilmore Girls, and Hidden Hills. He has worked with directors including Francis Ford Coppola and Wes Craven in the original Scream.

Although acting was his first career, David’s current focus is on corporate communications. David represents global companies in the trade show arena throughout the U.S. and Europe.

An accomplished producer and director, Deborah Shames brings years of experience behind the camera. Directing and distributing award-winning independent films, she has also produced more than sixty corporate and educational videos.

On-camera, she has directed luminaries including Wendie Malick, Rita Moreno, Danny Glover, and Angela Lansbury. Deborah has prepped TV anchors, on-camera hosts and authors before national book tours.

If you want to improve your speaking skills, presentation skills, professional networking skills or social skills, please visit Eloqui™ to learn more.