I thought Joomla was dead!

According to BuiltWith trends (https://trends.builtwith.com/cms), WordPress continues to be the dominant open source web operating system (WebOS) with 52% marketshare among the top 1 million sites. It is followed by Drupal with about 4% market share and Joomla with about 2% marketshare.

So, compared to WordPress and given the context of the entire web, Joomla has an anemic marketshare and seems to be on life support. In fact, if you look at Google search trends, Joomla looks flatline dead:

So why then, I ask, is the Office of the Director of National Intelligence website (www.dni.gov) powered by Joomla!? I thought Joomla was dead or dying. As you can see from the image below, the DNI.GOV website looks relatively modern. It seems like it was redesigned circa 2017-2020 so you would have thought they would have migrated to a more modern WebOS or web content management system (WCMS) such as WordPress or Drupal, something with a bit more vitality and future potential than a dying CMS such as Joomla!

Poking around DNI.GOV, I notice that its sister site, INTEL.GOV is also powered by Joomla!


Both great looking sites. Kudos to the interactive web designers behind intel.gov and dni.gov. But again, a modern looking website designed circa 2017-2020 powered by a soon-to-be extinct WebOS.

WTF? Can’t understand it.

Joomla is supposed to be dead. Guess it is on life support.

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