How to write a web design proposal

WASHINGTON, DC – Writing a web design proposal is very similar to writing a normal business proposal. I typically start with the following format:

  1. Cover sheet (Corporate identity and contact information)
  2. Transmittal letter (Why this project is interesting to us)
  3. Introduction to your company (Who we are)
  4. Corporate capabilities (What we can do)
  5. Understanding of requirements (Scope of work)
  6. Approach to meet requirements (How we will solve the problem)
  7. Proposed team (Who will be doing the work and what is their role)
  8. Past performance (What we have done in the past)
  9. References (Love letters)
  10. Project management plan and estimated budget

Many requests for proposals (RFPs) will limit your response to 10 pages.  So, in some cases, you need to be really concise and lay everything out on a single page per topic.  Our proposals are typically in the 25 page range.

Some sections are boiler plate, i.e., you write it once and use it again and again.  Other sections require custom writing for each RFP.  Do you best to respond as precisely to the RFP as possible so they know you have read and understand what they want and how you will tackle the job.

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