How to use WordPress for SEO to get found on Google

WordPress is built to be search engine friendly.  But, you need to have search engine optimization in mind as you add new content to your WordPress website.   Following these steps will help you get found on Google.

Top 10 Steps to WordPress SEO

  1. Determine the keyword phrases that your visitors will likely Google to find content and services like yours
  2. Make sure those keyword phrases are integrated within the content of your blog posts and page copy
  3. Emphasize that keyword content by making them paragraph headings, page titles, blog titles
  4. When you link to other pages within your site, make sure these keyword phrases are part of the anchor text
  5. If you upload photos, rename the photo to your keyword phrase
  6. Make sure you include the keyword phrases in the image alt text
  7. Rewrite the URL to reflect the keywords
  8. Separate keywords with dashes in file names and URL
  9. Tag your posts using the keyword
  10. Create post categories named after your keyword phrases

Hope that helps.  If you have problems, drop us a line.

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