How to use Twitter: Retweet

From CNN: Retweeting: ‘Followers’ look to ‘leaders’ as social networks grow

What is a Retweet?

Retweeting, represented on Twitter with the symbol “RT,” means a user has taken someone else’s tweet — or message — and copied part or all of it. The original author is often credited through the convention “@username,” although sometimes the true source gets lost as messages spread further.

How to Retweet

  1. Begin with the letters RT. Don’t waste valuable characters (you’ve only got 140) with preambles such as “Retweet.”
  2. Give credit to the source of the tweet by using @author, where “author” is the Twitter username of the person you are referencing. Sometimes there will be multiple names attached because it’s been passed along so many times; make sure you are keeping the original source if you trim the chain of users.
  3. Use the remaining characters to explain the point of view or the link in the original tweet, preserving the spirit of what the source said.

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