How to use Facebook Connect to viral market your business

This is how Amazon leverages Facebook connect to tap into its customers’ network of social media contacts:

Leverage your customers’ social network

By associating your customers’ account profile with their Facebook account, you can make it easy for your clients to share on their wall their activity on your site. Say, for example that before you can place an order on your site a web visitor needs to sign up or sign into their account. By using Facebook Connect, you can allow those website visitors to register using their FB credentials. This speeds up the registration process and allows you to pull, with their permission, basic profile information from their account. Then, you can also, again with their permission, post onto their wall the fact that they just registered on your website. Then, if they purchase something, for example, then you can automate the process of posting to their wall the fact that they made a purchase from your site.

If a new customer has 500 Facebook friends, for example, then when that new customer signs up as a new customer then you have just informed 500 of their friends that they are a new customer.  You have exposed your business to 500 potential new contacts that are likely to share the same interests and preferences as your new customer.

You need to be careful and ask permission to post on their wall and get information from their profile but statistically, Facebook users are more likely to allow this to happen then non-Facebook users.  If somebody is concerned about their privacy, then they are probably not an active Facebook user.  If they are active Facebook users then they are likely to share all kinds of details of their life like where they went for coffee and what they just signed up for or purchased.

For more information, give us a call or study the Facebook API for Facebook connect.

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