How to use Craigslist to discover Keywords

Washington, DC – If you’ve ever watched my video, “If you want to get found on Google,” then you will know that a good SEO strategy always starts with discovering your keywords using that language of your targeted audience.

I work with a lot of doctors and dentists, for example, and they tend to use these highly clinical medical terms.  When they blog and write web content, it is always too high-level.  The words that they often use does not match with the search terms that their targeted audience would most likely use in a Google search to find a new doctor or dentist in their area.

I have discovered that Craigslist is a brilliant method and tool for keyword discovery.  It doesn’t work for all professions or services categories, but it certainly works for web design and SEO.

This is how you do it…

Step 1 : Go to Craigslist and click on a densely populated city like NYC.

Step 2: Enter a high level, broad term that describes your profession

Step 3: Select the pull-down that relates best to you

Step 4: Click seach and study the results

I did this recently for the following search criteria: Los Angeles Craigslist > WordPress > All Gigs.  I discovered the language that people are using to find companies like mine:

  • WordPress knowledge
  • Graphic designer
  • WordPress tutor
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer for WordPress
  • WordPress Site
  • WordPress – Portfolio
  • Code Geek
  • WordPress Designer
  • WordPress Guru
  • WordPress assistant
  • WordPress, CSS, PHP Expert
  • WordPress & Javascript Developer
  • Experienced WordPress plugin PHP developer
  • WordPress experts
  • WordPress Genius

The list goes on and on.  See if you can find creative ways to listen to your targeted audience and discover the keywords that they use to describe you, your company and your services.

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