How to securely share passwords

password security

As web developers who routinely parachute into an organization to quickly put out a fire, solve a problem, perform security assessments, and other things related to website operations, support, and maintenance; we need organizations to give us system administration access to many of their critical accounts: website hosting, Drupal dashboard, WordPress dashboard, Google analytics, etc.

Sharing passwords can be quite problematic. For one, it takes a lot of trust and if this is our first engagement with a client, that could be a nerve-wracking experience. Moreover, revealing passwords also can provide clues to the method of creating passwords. Also, when we are done with our job then there is a need to go back and change all those passwords.

Simply said, password management and password sharing is a very difficult and sensitive issue to handle.

Fortunately, there are solutions out there. I am not going to recommend any particular company. However, there are companies such as LastPass, DashLane, 1Password, OneLogin, etc., that helps to solve the problem. Things they can do include:

  • Safely encrypts and stores passwords in a single password vault
  • Allows people to remember only one password to get into the vault
  • Allows people to give access to apps without revealing the password
  • Allows people to revoke access to apps at any time
  • Allows people to automatically generate secure passwords
  • Allows people to automatically change all their passwords
  • Allows people to assess the strength of their passwords

Below is one of my favorite features:

Securely share passwords then revoke access at any time

I know that password vaults can be hacked just like bank vaults can be penetrated. Who is guarding the guards. But, having and using a vault, even if it can be penetrated, is better than not having and not using a vault.

If you want to securely store your passwords, manage your passwords, share access to your secure apps, and be able to revoke access to your apps, you might want to try one of these password management apps.