How to replace a lost cell (mobile) phone charger

Have you ever lost a charger for your cell or mobile phone?

Did you know that every hotel in the country has a box of lost chargers?

Every single day of the week, thousands of travelers leave their mobile phone chargers in their hotel room.  Every single day of the week, thousands of these chargers are deposited into a box and left at the front desk of a hotel and are never claimed.

So, if you ever discover that you’ve lost a charger to your cell phone, mobile phone, iPad, iPod, iPhone, or gaming device then head to your nearest big-chain hotel.  Go to the front desk and explain that the last time you stayed there you left your charger in the room.  Ask if it would be possible to go through their lost and found bin to see if you can find your charger.  Likely, they’ll give you a monstrous box of chargers and tell you to take your pick of chargers.

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