How to rank on search engines to win new business

Washington DC SEO Expert, Blake Newman, explains how he discovers the right keywords to use to drive qualified traffic to

Many people simply seek raw traffic to their website.  But, the thrill of half a million visitors per month starts to wain when you realize none of them are giving you money  or buying your services.  Meantime, you are having to pay for extra hosting costs, bandwidth, and fighting off the spammers who are attracted to high traffic volume websites.

So, instead of seeking raw traffic, I seek qualified traffic.  What is qualified traffic?  It is the type of traffic of the type of people who are most likely to want what you offer.

How do you get qualified traffic?  First, by understanding who is your target audience.  Second, by understanding how they write, how they think, and how they search on Google for companies like yours.

How do you understand how they think?  By visiting forums and boards where real, live customers are submitting their requirements.

Where are these boards and forums?  Try Craigslist.

How to use Craigslist for keyword testing

I use Craigslist to understand the words and language that my target audience uses to find companies like mine.  Check out the craigslist screenshot above (or click on the image and go to a live Craigslist listing) and pay attention to what people are looking for:

  • CMS developer
  • Social media intern
  • Developer for new digital technology
  • Adult video website
  • Creative programming gig to support functional website
  • Web design / web developer
  • Junior web developer / programmer
  • Website developer
  • Web helper
  • CMS programmer
  • SEM / PPC expert
  • Developer
  • CSS editor / logo maker
  • SEO Whiz
  • Blogger
  • SEO marketing teams
  • PHP engineers / developers
  • SEO wizard
  • Social media marketing specialist
  • Copywriter
  • Online marketing guru
  • SMO Blogger
  • Content Writer
  • Internet marketing, optimization, SEO
  • SEO independent contractor
  • Web design partner
  • Partner with knowledge of inbound marketing
  • SEO guru
  • Business partner
  • SEO / SEM consultant
  • Social media genius
  • SEO / Mobile apps / Website marketing
  • Joomla SEO and Plugin coding
  • WordPress designer
  • Web design and building seo
  • Webmaster
  • Internet Whiz
  • Graphic designer
  • PHP developers SEO experience
  • SEO / Social media expert
  • SEO keyword research
  • Website builder / social media guru
  • Web developer / SEO expert
  • Word Press professional – graphic designer
  • Experienced HTML/PHP developer and SEO knowledge
  • SEO specialist
  • Freelance social media person
  • Java script pro
  • Social media facebook / twitter expert
  • Website developer – joomla expert
  • Web developer for partnership
  • Web programmer for WordPress site
  • Clone builder

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