How to raise funds for a nonprofit

There are many ways for a nonprofit to raise funds. But there is one that’s massive, global and “free:” crowd-funding. The word crowd-funding comes from the combination of two words: crowd + funding, which basically means a collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via the internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.

There are many sites where you can create your “campaign” or “project” to raise funds. These are just a few examples:


In a way, this concept is revolutionary since it leverages the power of people and networking for great causes such as those from many nonprofits. One of the best aspects about it is that you can publish your project for free and you’re only charged a commission when they (these companies) transfer the funds from their account to yours. So it’s  a win-win scenario. If nobody supports you, well you simply invested a couple of hours creating your project or campaign and if you do get funded by your friends, relatives or even strangers then well these companies take a cut (5-10%) of what you raised. Which was money you didn’t have in the first place, so you’re not really losing anything.

I’m sure that if you have a nonprofit and are able to create an appealing, interesting campaign you will be able to raise significant funds. Finally you should know that crowd-funding is not only for nonprofits but many nonprofits use it as a great alternative to raise funds.

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