How to point your DNS on GoDaddy

Sometime between the time you register your domain name and launch your website, you are going to need to connect the dots between your domain name and where it will physically live on the Internet. This Internet address or IP address is called your Domain Name Server (DNS) or more simply, your nameserver.

Often, entrepreneurs will hold parties and events around their web site launch. Some will even kick off an advertising campaign to coincide with a web launch. It is important to point your nameserver to the correct spot before the day of your website launch so that the domain name can propagate, e-mail addresses are stabilized and the pages are loading properly. Otherwise, you could lose valuable time, money, web traffic and exposure.

Assuming you used GoDaddy to register your domain name, these are the steps to point your DNS or Nameserver to the right spot.

Step 1: Log into your GoDaddy account

Step 2: Mouseover Domains and select My Domains

Step 3: Checkbox the domain and click Nameservers button

Step 4: Select hosting with another provider and specify nameserver

Now, click [OK] and you’re done.

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