How to Invite Friends to a Facebook Page

How to Invite Friends to a Facebook Page“Thanks for Inviting Your Friends.  We’ve let your friends know about Your Page”

Facebook Page Owner Controls

Requirements.To begin inviting friends to your facebook page,you must make sure you are:

  • An existing Admin of the Page
  • Using Facebook as “Yourself” – not as the Page itself.

Suggest Page to Friends.
1. Click the “Invite Friends” link on the right side of the page.

  • “Suggest Page to Friends” window will appear. By default, you will see “Recent Interactions” in the drop down menu.

2. Select a category of friends you would like to view from the (“Recent Interactions“) drop-down menu or type a friends name in the search box.

Suggest Page to Friends Window
  • “Search all friends” to view a full list of friends to invite or search by categories based on friend’s location, networks, groups you belong to, personal groups you’ve created.
  • Friends who have not been invited yet will have a check box next to their names.
  • Friends whose photos are grayed out have already been invited to the Page.

3. Mark the check box next to the name of the friend you would like to invite.

  • I would advise on only selecting a few friends at a time.  Sometimes, Facebook does not send invitations to all of the names you marked off if you check off a large amount of friends in one submission.

4. Click the “Submit” button.

  • A confirmation note will appear.
    “Thanks for Inviting Your Friends.  We’ve let your friends know about Your Page” 
  • You should double check to make sure that photos of your invited friends are grayed out in the “Suggest Page to Friends” window.

5. A notification  will appear in your friends account letting them know you’ve invited them to your page.  Inviting friends only notifies them of your Page.  If you want to friends to “Like” your page, you should invite friends and engage in additional campaign efforts to support the invitations.

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