How to get access to a Google analytics account setup on your website by somebody else

Have you ever had a contractor, web developer, SEO pro or former employee set up or install Google Analytics on your account and then disappear? Of course, you can start from scratch and insert a new web tracking code, but  that former web traffic history is valuable data and intelligence.  It would be a shame to lose access to that historical data.

Now, if you have ever tried contacting Google, you will know that it’s pretty elusive.  Unless it is for one of their paid products, Google makes it very hard to contact them.  Particularly with high volume Google’s free services, such as Google Analytics, if you need help or support then you are pretty much left on your own.  Google will try to divert you to their help pages or a qualified, certified, third-party vendor.

The end result is that Google Adwords Support sent me this message as a way to verify that I am the owner of the domain name and have access and control over it.  Once I verify access, they will add me as an Admin to the Google Analytics account.  This was their most recent email to me.

The way I stumbled on their contact information was by clicking on the Contact Us link at the bottom of Google Analytics.  Oddly, when you click on the Contact Us link on Google analytics, it basically takes you to a Page Not Found error page:

I will spare you all the broken links and dead ends that I went through to finally get to this form, but here it is:


You have to get the Google account ID and put it in this field.  In the bottom, under Summary of the issue, explain what happened … that a former employee or contractor installed Google Analytics and is no longer working with you.  The way you get your Google account ID is to go to your website, put the mouse over the background, right-click the mouse, and select [View page source] if you are on Chrome or Firefox and [View source] if you are on Internet Explorer.

Go down the code line by line until you see something like ‘UA-3394053-1’  this will be your Google analytics account ID.  Enter that into the field, complete the contact information, and hopefully they will solve the problem for you like they did for me.

If you have any problems, contact us at inQbation and we’ll try to help you recover your Google Analytics account.


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