How to embed YouTube video into WordPress blog

It helps to make your blog posts diverse and interesting when you can include a variety of diverse multimedia types of content to help illustrate a story or make a point.  Recently, YouTube changed their embed code, which makes it a tiny bit less obvious and intuitive how to embed that code into a WordPress blog and make it look and feel right.  So, here is a quick tutorial.

Step 1: Switch to HTML mode

Step 2: Select the YouTube video you want to embed

Step 3: Click that Embed Button

Step 4: Check ONLY old embed code and specify dimensions

Step 5: Copy HTML into WordPress and Publish

Note: If you click to Visual mode then the YouTube code will seem to disappear, but it’s actually there. It’s a weird bug, don’t worry about it.

I think the trick is that the last thing you do before you save and publish the post is to switch to the HTML viewer, insert the HTML code and then immediately push the [Publish] button. Then, don’t change it or go back in there again. If you do, then you have to repeat the process.