How to change the world

In one of my recent posts, “History of the world wide web,” which isn’t anything original but more of a compilation of other histories of the internet plus a couple observations of my own, it becomes very apparent how one person, or a small team of people can indeed change the world.

Regardless of your political opinions, we can certainly all agree that Osama bin Laden, George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein and Dick Cheney played significant roles in changing the world as we know it.  Imagine if Al Gore had been elected instead of George Bush.  Who knows how or what the world would look right now but it would likely be different – good or bad, right or wrong, it would have been different.

It is too early to tell now that the election,  inuaguration  and President Obama’s brief honeymoon is over, to see what kind of an impact that He will have on this world.  But certainly, most of the world is expecting Him to change it.  After all, He did run on the position of change … yes, you can, and His presidential transition website was appropriately named,

But, I’m not here to write or talk about politics.  I would prefer to talk about the web, small business, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, social marketing and how key people have changed out lives and our lifestyle and how you, as visitors to my website, can change the world as well.

Referring back to my earlier post, “History of the world wide web,” we can see how various people played various roles with regard to the internet and how the internet has completely changed the way we live.  Imagine living without e-mail, the web, automatic bill pay, Google and wikipedia.  Would our lives be simpler … or more complex and difficult without these tools?

It’s certainly a lot simpler for me to set all of my recurring bills on automatic bill-pay.  I don’t have to waste time writing checks, licking stamps or worrying about forgetting to mail a letter.

Thanks to Steve Jobs (and we wish him well as he recovers from his health issues), my iPhone has become an extraordinarily valuable asset and simplifier for my daily life.  My iPhone’s alarm clock wakes me up in the morning and lets me know when I need to rush out of the house so I won’t miss my bus.  Before I leave, my iPhone tells me what kind of weather I can expect so I know what clothes to wear.  On my way to work, I can check my e-mail, get an update on the New York Times or USA Today.  I can check up on what my sister and daughter are doing by looking at their Facebook page.  I can instant message my wife to tell her that I’m only a few minutes from home – open up that bottle of wine!  I can place a call from my iPhone to my friends in Colombia (South America), who pick up their phone that is connected to the internet using Voice Over IP (VOIP). 

Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, who created Facebook while a student at Harvard as he was trying to get over a girlfriend, I now have a way to more easily stay in touch with my parents, siblings and children and we can all better know what is going on in each other’s lives, especially when life becomes so crazy and busy that we don’t always call or visit as often as we should or would like.

In Hollywood, which is distinctively American, we’ve also got wonderful role models like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and hundreds of others who are using their fame and fortune to help change the world in a positive way.  Combine that with some incredible athletes and social entrepreneurs who are also using their celebrity-like status, fame and fortune to help change the world in a positive way. 

The reason why I am an entrepreneur at heart and love working with other entrepreneurs is because we all want to change the world in some small way. 

So, if you want to change the world too, please bookmark this site on or or link to us from your blog or add us to your blogroll.  Perhaps we can inspire somebody else to change the world too.