How to avoid cheesy stock photos on your website

Every time I see this photo (below) on a website, I cringe!

I’ve probably seen it at least 100 times. Probably, they found it on iStockPhoto.

If you want your website to look distinctive, original, and world-class then you need to find distinctive, original, and world-class photos.

If you must use iStockPhoto then you should scroll down to the bottom of the page and see how many times it’s been downloaded.  It should look something like the image below.  Notice > 7100 downloads.  Potentially, 7,000 other companies have used the exact same photo on a website or brochure.

You can also find higher quality photos on premium stock photography agencies like Getty Images or you can hire a professional photographer to take custom photos. Either way, it’s good to strive for stock photography that’s not too stockish.