How to: Add or Remove a Facebook Page Admin

First, you will need to navigate to your Page on Facebook.
Note: ONLY an existing admin can add or remove users to a Page on Facebook.

Managing Facebook Page Admins

  • Click the “See All” link in the “Admins” column on the right side of the Page
  • A list of all of the current admins for your Facebook Page will appear on your screen.  Here, you will be able to add new admin users or remove existing admin users.

Before you add a new Facebook Page admin; are you aware of how much control you are handing over?

Facebook Page Admins – Who do you trust?

Adding Facebook Page Admins
Note: You may only add friends or people who already like the page.  If you need to add a non-friend, make sure that they like the page first.
  1. Enter the e-mail address belonging to the facebook account of the user you are adding as an admin
  2.  Click “Save Changes” to add the admin, otherwise your changes will not be made
  3. Facebook will request for you to enter your password to confirm the new admin.

Removing Facebook Page Admins

  • Click the “Remove” link next to the name of the user
  • Click “Save Changes” to remove the admin, otherwise your changes will not be made