How President Obama will affect the internet

Much of the success of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign is due to his effective use of online marketing, direct e-mail, blogs, and social networking sites.  So, it should be no surprize that an Obama Presidency will be nothing but good news for the internet industry.

Indeed, all future campaigns, national and local, here and abroad, will rely heavily on the web as part of that strategic execution.  I believe that all of the dot gov sites out there will soon receive a face lift and department heads will have their own leadership blogs.  I’m quite sure that President Obama and his staff will actively participate in a Whitehouse blog to communicate their message to the people.

One of President-elect Obama’s key campaign goals was to ensure that every household, every family, and every child has reliable and affordable (if not free) access to high-speed internet.  I predict that the federal government, as well as local governments, will rely more and more on websites, the internet, and “online marketing” as a way to reduce costs, preserve energy, and become more effective.

As part of President Obama’s health care reform, he will likely opt for telemedicine to help serve rural communities where it is simply not cost-effective to have doctors in every rural village.  The Veteran’s Administration is already successfully implementing several rual medicine (telemedicine or telemedical) clinics throughout the country.

Look out for more innovative uses of technology and the interent over the next 8 years.  This president is very pro-science, pro-technology, and pro-internet.  He will be a boon to the industry.

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