How long does it take for content to show up on Google?

Myth: It takes weeks or months to optimize a website for Google

Nowadays, with Google’s real-time search, content shows up on search engines almost instantaneously.

Case study: noitabqni7002

Ten minutes ago, I submitted a search query to Google using a strange string of characters, “noitabqni7002” and received the following results:

So, I created a blog post titled, “noitabqni7002”.  I made sure that the URL also contained the character string:  Then, I included an H1 (header) tag for the character string.  Finally, I included link text to the blog post from within my site:

I covered the low hanging fruit for search engine optimization (SEO):

  1. Ensure your keywords are in the page title
  2. Ensure your keywords are in the URL
  3. Ensure your keywords are in the page and paragraph headings
  4. Ensure your keywords are in the link text

I published this blog post at 10 am on 30 Aug 2011.  Then, five minutes later, at 10:05 am, I checked the results by querying Google for “noitabqni7002”.  I did NOT use quotes around the character string.  I got the following results and it indicated that the post was discovered 5 minutes earlier, i.e., at the moment I published the blog post.  Also, I was NOT logged into Google.  I searched Google anonymously.

So you see that if your site has already been indexed, and it is on Google’s radar screen, then your content gets indexed almost immediately, in real time.

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