Holy brand management Batman! 37signals becomes Basecamp.

HUGE NEWS and a game changer in the project management system space: Jason Fried of 37signals announces that he is re-focusing and re-branding 100% around Basecamp.

It’s about time!  Despite the fact that Basecamp boasts over 7 million users and is considered the most popular project management system (PMS) on the market, Basecamp sucks!  Don’t get me wrong, we use Basecamp, we love Basecamp, we can’t live without Basecamp, but it still sucks.  We even created an app called BizPulse to help make Basecamp better and make Basecamp suck less.  And, probably the reason why the door was open for new comers such as Asana, Podio, Mavenlink, Smartsheet, JIRA is because Basecamp expanded the market, proved the market, but as popular as it is … Basecamp still sucks in many ways.

So, it is great news that Jason Fried will be focusing on Basecamp and I hope that he focuses on usability.