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Matthew Mullenweg, creator of WordPress

Along with Google and Facebook and Twitter, I have to say that WordPress, developed by Matthew Mullenweg, must go down in Internet history as one of the most significant events and turning points in the development and proliferation of the world wide web.

The reason is simple

…and the key word here is “simple”.  Creating a website using WordPress is simple.  Installing a blog using WordPress is simple.  Implementing an easy-to-use, search-engine-friendly (SEF) content management system (CMS) is simple.  Getting found on Google is simple.  Starting a business and getting your website up and running quickly and cost-effectively is simple.

WordPress allows anybody, without any technical knowledge of HTML, Javascript, PHP, ASP.NET, CSS, XML or a host of other technical acronyms to be able to launch a professional looking website in a couple days for a couple hundred dollars.

I was at a PubCon expo in Vegas a couple years ago as listened to Matt Cutts of Google respond to a question from the moderator, Guy Kawasaki, “if  you were to start an online business today, what would be one of the first things you would do?”  Without hesitation, Cutts said that he would create a WordPress blog.  Now that’s a great endorsement.

Other reasons to choose WordPress as a content management system (CMS) or blog:

  • It is FREE open source software
  • You can make it do almost anything that is possible to do with a website
  • You can make it look almost any way that a website could possibly look
  • There are thousands of FREE and powerful plugins that provide enhanced functionality
  • There are hundreds of FREE WordPress templates and FREE WordPress themes
  • There are thousands of relatively low-cost premium WordPress themes
  • There are thousands of talented WordPress designers and WordPress experts
  • There are hundreds of thousands of people using WordPress
  • It is well supported and frequently updated
  • It is safe and secure and getting safer and more secure all the time

You can get up and running with WordPress by following these easy steps:

  1. Register your domain name on GoDaddy
  2. Purchase a Linux hosting package (about $5/month)
  3. From GoDaddy…
    1. Pull down the Hosting menu option
    2. Select My Hosting Account
    3. Click Manage Account
    4. Click Your Applications
    5. Enter “WordPress” in the search box and click [Go]
    6. Click on the WordPress link
    7. Click [Install Now]
    8. Once installed, upload a professionally designed WordPress theme
    9. Start creating pages and posts
    10. Publish!

I’ve gone through all 10 steps in less than 3-4 hours.

SEE: WordPress User’s Guide

Powered by WordPress

These are some of my favorite WordPress websites powered by wordpress

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