Happy endings – how are your projects ending?

Ideally, this is how you need to keep your clients throughout the project management life cycle

Unfortunately, this is often the happy factor arc that clients go through during the web design and development process

In the service business, you tend to be only as good as your last project because the best way to get new clients is to have happy past clients. New prospective clients often want to talk to past clients to see if you are good or not. If you only have a handful of happy clients, then you tend to use those same handful of clients over and over as references. This can backfire.

Imagine if you are one of those few happy clients and, all the time, you are getting called by other people wanting to know if your vendor was good or not and if you were happy or not with their services. Once or twice is fine but after a while, even happy clients become annoyed clients because strangers keep calling them to ask how great you and your company are.

It is extremely important – in fact it is vital – that we have happy endings. Regardless of how well or poorly the project went, regardless of how much money we have lost, we have to end projects with grace. Otherwise, your service company goes on a downward death spiral and follows the same pattern as the happy factor arc above.

If you can’t keep clients happy throughout the entire process then, at a minimum, you need to find a way to have a happy ending and wrap up projects with grace.

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