Happy 40th Anniversary – Internet is 40 years old

Although the launch of Russian satellite Sputnik was the inciting incident (1957) that set the wheels of Internet history in motion, it wasn’t until 1969 that the first nodes or web sites were installed on servers at UCLA, Stanford, UC Santa Barbara and University of Utah.  And, it was on this day, October 29, 1969 that the first message was sent across the ARPAnet.

According to Len Kleinrock, Professor of Computer Science at UCLA and the author of, “Information Flow in Large Communications Nets,” the first white paper on Packet Switching – the concept that allows messages to be sent across the internet … the first message was supposed to be “LOG” followed by a response from another computer “IN” but after two letters, L and O, the system crashed.  “Lo and behold,” said Kleinrock 40 years later to commemorate the Internet’s 40th anniversary.

Len Kleinrock white boards the birth of the Internet

Voice of America News piece on The Internet

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