Happy 30th Birthday World Wide Web

happy 30th birthday

I remember when it happened. I had just graduated from college with a double major in Business Administration and Computer Science and was working with a defense contractor in Washington, DC on a worldwide command and control information system.

Tim Berners-Lee
Tim Berners-Lee conceived of the world wide web in 1989

Word got out that Tim Berners-Lee proposed a way of leveraging the TCP/IP (transmission control protocol / Internet protocol) which connects disparate computer systems on different operating systems together via the Internet along with hypertext markup language (HTML) to create a virtual web of sites.

At the time, as part of my job, I would travel from government agency to government agency, military installation to military installation, from Germany to Hawaii, to promote TCP/IP and encourage all organizations to get on board. Soon and quickly, the tech world evolved. And then something really strange happened.

I saw this $400 million program that I spent 5 years of my life get scrapped because it had become obsolete during development. Tim Berner-Lee’s plan to create a world wide web rendered this $400M program dead on arrival, completely overcome by events (OBE).

This was not only an eye opener but also a shock to the system. About the same time, this concept of iterative development and the spiral model of software development began to emerge. Later, this would evolve into what we call today, “agile development.” Had we been agile back then, probably the entire $400M software program would not have been scrapped. Instead, it would have iterated, evolved, tested, and survived. Taxpayers would have enjoyed a real return on investment (ROI).

So, in 1995, the first year that people could actually register a commercial .com domain name, I quit my 9-5 job and corporate life to become an entrepreneur focusing on agile development and web startups. My first startup was photographer.com (1995-2005). My second startup was inQbation (2007-2014). My third and fourth startups were Agileana (2015-present) and Denti.net (2018-present).

Thanks to Tim Berners-Lee, I have carved a career out of the web.

Happy birthday WWW.