How to be a good guest blogger

Guest blog posts and guest article submissions are a great way to establish your credibility as a writer and develop inbound back links.  If you have a website and want to rank higher on search engines then it is important to develop a series of links back to your website. Guest posts afford you that opportunity.

How to become guest blogger and submit guest posts

  1. Know your subject matter that you want to write about
  2. Google the keyword phrases related to your topic of interest
  3. Select websites that seem open and receptive to guest posts
  4. Develop 2-3 guests posts that might fit well within those sites
  5. Contact the webmaster and see if they are receptive to guest posts
  6. Get permission to add your byline to the article with backlinks
  7. Write original, fresh, relevant content

Opportunities to guest blog

If you want to write for inQbation, we are receptive to your well-written, professional, non-spammy articles and blog posts.  You will get byline credit with a link to your bio or website.  If you are interested in guest blogging, please contact us.