Growth Hacking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The last two days have been an experiment in testing various marketing channels and product designs to gather traffic onto our existing product page. I spent time discussing with the product owner (Blake) and parsing through user feedback / google analytics data about user behavior to identify the weak points in our website design. I encountered initial difficulty setting up the repository of code from the existing product and getting familiar with the data generated from the analytics but was able to implement some incremental updates to the webpage today. It felt like a big accomplishment.

Besides my mini personal victories, I have further drilled down on our Key Performance Indicators and launched the Social Media strategy that I discussed with Sydney and Jenny in full throttle. We have already began to garner followers and ignite a conversation indicating some validation for our mission and reason to be in this space. Instagram seems to be an unexpected trove of designers and website owners to market to so we hope to tap into that.

As a whole this week has been very immersive and I have nose dived into all aspects of product creation and marketing and it feels good every time an idea is implemented or feedback is received. For example the post we had on Hacker News (see below). Slowly but surely we are making steps and I can feel a great tool coming out of this.



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