Google rewards speed, fast websites will rank better

Earlier this year, Google announced that speed matters.  In their blog post, Google went on to write that, “we’ve always viewed speed as a competitive advantage.”  Consequently, they have factored new things into their programming and algorithm for the next major version of their search engine labled, “Google Caffeine.”  Visitors can expect to see faster results in future Google searches.

But, what can we, as web owners also make from this announcement?  Well, for one, we might speculate that Google *may* place reward faster loading sites.  Now may be a good time to start clocking your load time, weighing your site pages, shedding off or optimizing slower functionality and keeping speed and efficiency as an important consideration to future enhancements.

To learn more about how to make your website run faster, Google has even created a page serving the subject: “Let’s make the web faster.”  Go to for more information.

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