Google getting into domain registration business

Move over GoDaddy and Network Solutions…

It seems that with Google Domains, Google is getting into the Domain Name Registration business. – owned by also owns

Google has a habit of getting into a business and then either exploiting the heck out of it or not doing it well and then backing out.  Google Checkout is a good example of how they tried to get into the business to compete with PayPal and then backed out.  Google Analytics is a good example of how they got into the web traffic analysis business and seems they are in it for good.  Wonder how well they will do in the domain name registration business.

It is interesting that Media Temple, which was recently purchased by GoDaddy, has gotten into the domain name registration business as well.  Although, the last time I used Media Temple to purchase a domain name, the user experience (UX) sucked.  Not sure if and when they will adopt the Domain Name registration system used by GoDaddy.  I think GoDaddy’s dashboard sucks as well but at least it is better than Media Temple.  For the longest time, GoDaddy’s usability, user interface, and user experience managing domain names, transferring domain names, and completing simple tasks totally sucked.  So, perhaps it is a good thing that Google is getting into the business because now GoDaddy has a real competitor and they have to do something to remain in business.

Google Girl vs GoDaddy Girl

Which do you think will win the domain name registration war?


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