Google Friend Connect leverages social networking

Grow traffic when friends connect on your site

This is Google’s introduction to Google™ Friend Connect. Google™ is actually trying to help you drive traffic to your site in ways other than AdWords™.

Google™ Friend Connect is a technology that allows you to turn any website into a social networking site where visitors who are attracted to a site can interact with other visitors who are attracted to the same site.

So, what are the implications of this innovation?

  1. Social networkings sites like Facebook and MySpace may lose some of their appeal
  2. It lowers the barrier to entry for social networking sites, which costs tens of $1,000 to build
  3. It allows raving fans to rave together
  4. It allows disgruntled fans to collectively voice their opinions (until the website owner removes it)
  5. It reinforces the concept of web 2.0 user generate content
  6. It takes social networking to a whole new level

Google™ Friend Connect is not even released in beta version yet. But, they are taking applications for early adopters who want to jump on the Google™ Friend Connect bandwagon.