Github vs Bitbucker for version control. Subversion is dead.

Development companies must control the changes to the code, we can not afford to have developers overwriting “by accident” other works and of course many people can be working at the same time in the same project, the discussion about if using Git or Subversion is over, Git has shown to be ahead from Subversion, just check out what Linus said about Git vs Subversion … and it was long time ago!

“OK, We are using Git! Now what?”

Well, the question is how to implement it? In our case, we explored two options: Github Vs. Bitbucket, of course there may be other players out there, so please don’t blame me but feel free to do your own research 😛

Since we are a company serving clients we needed private repositories, we are a small team of at most 20 people, we wanted to have an admin panel to be able to manage the repositories on the cloud, with the option of connecting to our repos using SSH keys, and other things Github and Bitbucket both offer those options, and to be honest, maybe Github has some more features than Bitbucket, but we chose Bitbucket because of the licensing terms:

  • Github plans are based on the number of private repos you have, it doesn’t matter how many developers (collaborators) you have in your team
  • Bitbucket plans, on the other hand, are based on the number of users, and the number of private repos is not important

Also, we started to use JIRA for internal projects some time ago, guess what, Bitbucket integrates very well with it.

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