Functional cross-browser compatibility and compliance

Washington DC Cross-Browser Compatibility Expert

Functional browser compliance means that the website must work properly and be defect free across “the most popular” web browsers.  We guarantee functional compatibility.  Examples below reveal defects between web browsers.

Internet Explorer (IE9)

Firefox (FF14)

As you can see, the functionality of the navigation bar is defective and inconsistent between Internet Explorer and Firefox.

  • With Internet Explorer, the Login link is hidden behind the search box.
  • With Firefox, the Login link is revealed.
  • With Internet Explorer, it is impossible to access the Login link.
  • With Firefox, you can mouseover the “L” and gain access to the Login box.
Navigation bar is broken “functionally incompatible” on Firefox

In the case above, we would consider this to be NOT functionally compatible and would fail the test for cross-browser compatibility at a functional level.  When inQbation deploys websites, we will ensure functional browser compliance for the most popular web browsers, i.e., top 96% of web browser versions identified by W3Schools at the time of the RFP publish date.

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